Say you’ve got an appointment at the hospital, or you want to visit a family member on the other side of the city, or you’re going shopping, or you’ve planned an evening at the theatre. Choose the easy option and let us drive you there. Sittard-Geleen Taxiservice is available for these local trips. Our drivers are punctual and helpful, if you wish they can open the door for you, help you get into and/or out of the taxi, but above all they’re only happy if you’re happy. We also apply competitive rates to various airports.

Quotes from private customers:

Ubags family from Geleen: “The cars are always clean!”

Huveneers family from Geleen: “Sittard-Geleen Taxiservice is always on time!”

Kessels family from Sittard: “Sittard-Geleen Taxiservice has lots of helpful drivers.”